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Budget for True Pagan Warrior

Patheos Pagan


Budget for Panthea



New Paltz Monthly Meeting

monthly meeting

Budget for TPW



  • title case: why it should be eliminated
  • try to
  • motion v move a vote
  • incidents v incidence
  • when the grammatical is the enemy of the good, like using "so" and otherwise starting sentences with conjunctions
  • between: 60 and 80, or 60 to 80?
  • recurring or reoccurring dreams
  • batter or batten down the hatches
  • journalistic integrity and opinions are not mutually exclusive
  • in praise of pronouns
  • avoid unnecessary words, say the sages Strunk and White
  • punctuation doesn't need to be spoken because it's pronounced (quote unquote, parenthetically, dot dot dot, question mark for uptalk)
  • category:words journalists should avoid including countless (make a template what it means how it's used why journalists shouldn't)
  • in praise of the schwa including Feb. 28 as "schwa appreciation day"
  • here's how you can refer to twitter
  • "I spoke with my colleague" is not journalism
  • AP call on Iowa causes 2024 Checkmark.png Done

budget for Hudson Valley One


  • Herbal Confectionary dispensary opening Nearly three years after the state first legalized adult-use marijuana, the state Cannabis Control Board on Friday approved two licenses for dispensaries in Ulster County and one license for a dispensary in Dutchess County.
 The Herbal Confectionery LLC was issued an adult-use microbusiness license for a location in Ulster County. Lisa Barone and Mike Nelson plan to open a cafe this spring at the former Groovy Blueberry in New Paltz, which, pending licensing, will expand into an Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe. They have quite the story. At the crossroads of cannabis and cuisine, Barone and Nelson started their business. They called it The Herbal Confectionery. They later purchased Windfall Farms in Montgomery where they immersed themselves in the world of farming. Barone and Nelson applied for a cannabis microbusiness license earlier this year. This classification will allow the couple to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis products. In order to apply for a license, the pair needed to secure a retail space. They searched far and wide for available storefronts, but struggled to find a landlord who supported their plan. Former Groovy Blueberry owners Jonathan and Amy fit the bill. They plan to open this spring, no matter the outcome. Call them at 845-457-5988,
  • peanut butter delight


health issue

  • due Apr. 29: health benefits of cannabis health aspect of Cannabis. Even a list of all the health benefits and I don't know what cannabis works for what ailment and how one knows. I for example have RA and so I have swelling and pains from time to time. I take hardcore Western Medicine to keep it at bay but I always thought Cannabis is the way to go at some point but it overwhelms me and I am not sure where to start... so maybe that could be the article. Anyway, I would be very interested in this



peanut butter delight

Budget for Llewellyn Worldwide

CoSE work

wedding prospects